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The Empower Yourself Store is a place where you can find empowering, motivating & inspirational resources to help you on your journey.

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We have done the work for you. We picked the best motivational books & inspiring music to empower you.

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Search the store for many of the books which I have recommended.

Get youself a small book you can carry with you--so that you can read it on your way to & from work.

You can also read it during your lunch break---stay motivated and on course.

Fill your mind with empowering words--take decisive action.





You must take personal responsibility.

You cannot change the circumstances,

the seasons, or the wind,

but you can change yourself.

That is something you have charge of.

You don't have charge of the constellations,

but you do have charge of whether you read,

develop new skills, and take new classes.

Jim Rohn


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Change will not come if we wait for

some other person or some other time.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

We are the change that we seek.

Barack Obama


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