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Jun 26, 2023

"God Sent Me"

Almost 21 years ago I applied for a job and was offered a position after the interview. I became fearful because of several factors. I would have to quit

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Oct 31, 2016

I live in awe of God's goodness

I live in awe of God's goodness and favor for me. Ever facet of my live is richly blessed.

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Dec 10, 2015

Jesus the Healer

I've had painful lower spine spondylitis/painful bone condition , and painful calcification on both elbows and knees too. I prayed so hard for a week

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Oct 27, 2015

When You Think Your Life Is Hard

Feeling Down? Feeling Sorry for yourself?

Asking why me?

Stop a minute and watch this video --

-then ask yourself how blessed you really are, and be thankful.

Until next time,


Dare To Dream Big

Oct 27, 2015

Hindi Christian Songs

Collection of various Hindi Christian Artists and Hindi Christian Songs.

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Oct 27, 2015

god is the sourses of all

Since no one can define the meaning of God, everyone defines God according to his/her understanding. For me God is love. Love can do everything positively;

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Oct 27, 2015


God has brought me from a long long way,he has been by my side from my conception in my mother's womb. I know that this is the truth about me and my life!

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Feb 01, 2015

Billy Graham

Billy Graham has preached the Gospel to more people in live audiences than anyone else in history.

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Jan 31, 2015


Glory be to God I was admitted at the university in china, my boss did not wanted to approve my study leave, but her superior approved it with a monthly

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Jul 23, 2014

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher also known as "The Iron lady" served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990.

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Jun 19, 2014


FROM THE DESK OF BROTHER TOM: Listen, my son, your father's instruction (Prov. 1:8). The first time my father took me fishing I was twelve years old.

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Mar 26, 2014

Jesus did it again, ON TIME GOD IS NEVER LATE.

I have been out of work for over six years. I also in that time got sick and had Breast Cancer; But my God has healed me. Not only my body, but also

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Jan 23, 2014

Look higher

My story is trust and believe. I stay high on Jesus. The more you lift your hand,the more you sing and praise his name. Stay in his word. He has blessed

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Jun 11, 2013

A Tribute To My Dad: To Dale Eugene Epperson

From: Sharon

I Love You And I Deeply Miss You.

As a child growing up, I didn't know what true love really meant, I knowwhat a disobedient child I was.

I had so much anger inside of me. I couldn't understand that when I was punished, all I did was lash out at those that loved me.

I never knew just how much you loved me when you tried to love me, I would push you away.

I never gave you the chance of loving me, because I was so bitter with hate,

I tried to forget who my parents were, but, God, wouldn't let go.

You are gone now, and, I still find it hard to come to grips with the factI'll never see you again.

I know you are in Heaven waiting, waiting for the day that you will be united with mom.

I know that you tried really hard to support us, working so hard at times that you would be exhausted, but, mom and us kids would support you in every way.

Us kids weren't always angels, but you still loved no matter what.

You were taken from us at a young age, maybe, it was God's will, we'll never know the reason,

but one thing is for sure, you are deeply missed.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, I missed saying my final good-bye.

I miss hearing your jokes I miss hearing your voice.

You were so loving towards your wife, she was your delicate flower, she was your everything. You are with her each and every day.

As kids, we looked up to you, you taught us to stand strong you had a love for everyone and, everyone had love for you.

I cannot wait until the day I see you again, I will once again be able to put my arms around you and tell you that I did love you and,

please, forgive me for what I ever said or did.

You are my one and only earthly father, to lose you was a great loss, one that I will never forget, and one that I will always remember.

I took your love for granted, and threw it away like a piece of garbage, I should have held on to that love for dear life.

I hope You know that I will always love you even in death. I will cherish the love you gave me, I will hold it close to my heart forever,

no matter how I feel, you will always be near to wipe away the tears and, you'll let me know, "it's going to be okay."


Thanks Sharon for sharing your heart-felt story with us.

Until next time,

Dare To Dream Big


Jun 11, 2013

A Long Time Coming

It's been a long time coming, a life of abuse,torment,and anger. A life of shame and no one to blame, but, myself, a person whose life has been a living

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Jun 11, 2013

When You Cry

When you cry, I wonder why? What could possibly upset you so? Could it be that someone hurt hurt you? Who could be that low? Did they break your heart?

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Jun 11, 2013

Walking The Road To Glory

As I walk down the road to Grace and Glory, my eyes are looking at the road, I hear a beautiful voice asking, Why are you looking down? What are you afraid

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Jun 11, 2013

Put Down Your Swords And Fight For God And His Son

Precious Lord, it's been a long hard road; of struggling to get from a life of abuse, and, being used by men who wanted to use me, to putting up a fight

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Jun 11, 2013

"Staying Strong"

“Staying Strong” I don’t believe there’s anyone in this world That hasn't gone through some form of a life’s transition, Where they felt stuck in

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Dec 07, 2012

My True Story

THIS IS MY TRUE STORY I gave my life to JESUS at the tender age of 14 years of age, and about two weeks later this is what happened to me. On one morning

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Nov 14, 2012

Want To Feel God's Presence?

Michael, Thanks for your comments. As per your request here is a song by Casting Crowns.

Michael, I can assure you that many of us at one time or another have questioned whether we deserve God's love and forgiveness.

But, God knows best, he loves us no matter our doubts, no matter our faults, no matter our stubbornness.

Michael, I have chosen this verse from Proverbs to help you focus on what you need to do in order to feel God's presence.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

Don't let doubt and uncertainty crush your faith; these are the tools of the enemy.

Until next time,


Dare To Dream Big

Aug 31, 2012

Mrs Alston-Roberts

Hello My name is Akila Alston and I am Bobby Alston's daughter -- do you have a quarter? I would start my story off like this. See my dad was a jazz

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Aug 01, 2012


I was a very young unwed mother, I had a little autistic girl called Nicola. I thought it was the end of the world. Doctors and so called wise people

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Mar 23, 2012

I Need Your Help

One of our readers has requested help in identifying a song which has a lot of meaning for him.

If you know the name of the song please use one of our contact forms and let us know.

Here is what he wrote:

"I'm trying to find this country christian song we played at my Mom's funeral.

Can't remember the name. It was something about a Mother who, after she put her boys all to bed at night, would sit in her chair and pray to God to help them.

Maybe she was sewing too. She was probably poor.

She put in long hours, and prayed to God for them, after she put them to bed at night."

So reach out and give us a helping hand.

Until then, I have selected a few songs that I hope will bring you some fond memories.




Until next time,


Dare To Dream Big

Feb 04, 2012

God asking u

hi friends ........... what r u looking Jesus is the great god Jesus is the great father Jesus is the great friend

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Jan 31, 2012

god save me

Dear god we want your blessings , we want your love we want your make me your son God we want only your blessings

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Jan 22, 2012


Jesus saved me from 10 days unconscious state when I was admitted in a hospital (CARE Hospitals), Hyderabad, AP, India. Even doctors said it was impossible.


Jan 22, 2012

What Is Happiness?

Here is something I want you to think about this year.

“The happiness which brings enduring worth to life is not the superficial happiness that is dependent on circumstances.

It is the happiness and contentment that fills the soul even in the midst of the most distressing circumstances and the most bitter environment.

It is the kind of happiness that grins when things go wrong and smiles through the tears.

The happiness for which our souls ache is one undisturbed by success or failure, one which will root deeply inside us and give inward relaxation, peace, and contentment, no matter what the surface problems may be.

That kind of happiness stands in need of no outward stimulus.”

-quote by Billy Graham

Until next time,


Dare To Dream Big

Jan 21, 2012

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar, a master motivational speaker, has dedicated his most of his adult life teaching people the art of successful living.

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Jan 20, 2012

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt - Activist First Lady. When her husband became President in 1933, Eleanor dramatically changed the role of the First Lady.

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Jan 02, 2012

God has been with us always , and will always be

I called out to God years back at a time of trouble when i felt abandoned and all alone. And He did answer my prayers in His own time , in His own way---and

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Dec 24, 2011

Missing you for a purpose

I miss you everyday, it kills me to think that someone else is loving you but, I get it.....there is someone better out there for me, I couldn't have

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Dec 03, 2011


Hi ,my name is Elizabeth Minu Joseph.. My whole life I always felt that a supreme power guided me. I loved Jesus and always found happiness in reading

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Nov 12, 2011

Oprah Quotes

A collection of Oprah quotes to motivate and empower you.

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Nov 02, 2011

I Miss You Quotes

Collection of I miss you quotes and poems

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Oct 20, 2011

Modern Christian Songs

A collection of upbeat Modern Christian Songs And Videos

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Oct 18, 2011

A Request From Trajche

Thanks Trajche

For your suggestion --What Faith Can Do by Kutless.

I have included a couple more songs.

Enjoy & thanks again for using our contact form.

Until next time,


Dare To Dream Big

Oct 16, 2011

Feel Lost ? Unloved? Misunderstood?

Then stop-look & listen.

There is hope for you --if you will just reach out to Jesus.

It is not too late to make a change in your life

Until next time,


Dare To Dream Big

Oct 09, 2011

A Follower Of Christ Faces Death

By now I am sure that most people have heard or read about the young Christian Pastor who the Iranian government has sentenced to death by hanging for being a Christian.

Pastor Yosef Nadarkhani, who converted to Christianity at the age of 19 has repeatedly refused to renounce his Christian faith, despite the Court ordered death sentence by hanging.

Please take a moment to reflect, and say a prayer for Pastor Nadarkhani.

But - I ask that you do more; a lot more.

Share this information with your friends and family, and especially your Church.

The Bible teaches us that prayer is a powerful force.

So I ask that you individually and collectively pray for Pastor Nadarkhani.

Ask your Pastor to dedicate a special night of prayer, and ask your Pastor to contact other Pastors for a collective night of prayer.

Spread the word, pray and thank God for your right to openly declare your belief in Christ.

Sep 26, 2011

He woke me up this morning and gave me power over everything

He woke me up this morning and gave me enough power over everything to speak about him and praising him,and letting me tell other people how great God

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Aug 24, 2011

Mark Gill

Last night I was writhing in my bed late at night experiencing tumultuous negative thoughts. I sent a prayer to god asking for strength and to lift

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Aug 24, 2011

He still working on me

Hey ever body my name is Jocephus G. and this is what God and Jesus has done for me and my family. He healed my wife. He feeds my child and he

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Jun 27, 2011

The touch of JESUS

Dear Brothers & Sisters in JESUS CHRIST. It was on 26 June 2011 in the afternoon, It was raining and I was on my bike. Suddenly my bike slipped and

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Jun 27, 2011

JESUS is Merciful, Saved me from my financial problem.

Dear Brothers & Sisters in JESUS CHRIST, I was in a debt of almost Rs. 2 lacs with 5 credit cards & 2 personal loan {A Lac is actually a million

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Jun 23, 2011

Blessings In Disguise

THANKS PAIGE - for your submission of this thought provoking and wonderful video by Laura Story.

It reminds us that we never know how God is choosing to do his work in us.

And it also reminds us to take our eyes off of our problems, and to focus on God.

Once we do that, we start to see everything differently.

Please continue to send in material and suggestions -- you never know how many people you will reach with your message of hope.

By the way folks, if possible also send in a little info on yourself -- so we can share it with everyone.

Until next time,


Dare To Dream Big

Jun 22, 2011

When You E-mail Us...

Hi everyone,

We ask that when you email or contact us using our "contact forms" -- that you give us clear, concise information so that we can address your request.



Jun 15, 2011

When you are hurting -- Call on Jesus

Jun 14, 2011

Tyesha Burt

Hello my name is Tyesha, but I go by LB. Where I am at in my life today is... a little better..but then it could be a whole lot better.. I am

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May 08, 2011



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