Christian Country Music -- Country Western Christian Music

Christian Country Music or Country Western Christian Music is as American as "apple pie" -

- When you travel across this great country of ours, you will find that there are many different types of music with one thing in common -- the worship of our God.

Country artists put their own unique spin on some of our oldest worship & praise songs. Christian Country Music - Old Country Church Listening to these Christian country songs takes you back in time when the pace of life was much slower and simpler.

Country Western Christian music reminds us of our close {one-on-one} relationship with God.

Close your eyes and travel back to your old country Church -- and remember - that God still loves you.

Enjoy these songs with your family and friends, and worship together.

Remember to share your joy with others so that they too may be blessed.

 Take a moment to let us know of any other country artists that you would like to see here on this web site.


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