Christian Music - All Types

Christian music is as diverse as are Christians.

I have collected a few samples from Gospel Music, Christian Contemporary, Praise & Worship Music, Country Western, Blue Grass Gospel, but my search continues.

I hope that you may be blessed as you listen to these difference artists lift their songs to the Lord. Christian Music As you travel around our country, and around the world you will find that people like to worship with music that is familiar to them.

So please enjoy and listen closely because no matter the type of music, or the part of the world where people reside, they love to raise their voices in praise.

Please share these different forms of worship with your family and friends.

Perhaps you can introduce some of these songs to your Sunday worship.

Do you have a family member or friend serving overseas?

Why not share this selection of Christian songs with them, and share their story will us?

Send along a photo so that we can publish it on this website. Honor Your Loved one or Friend -- Tell Us Their Story




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