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You have heard me mention quite often in my writings, the importance of using empowering books to help you on your journey of self-improvement.

Today I want to share with you information on a great book I just finished reading-.

The book is --

This Wasn't Supposed To Happen To Me --by Dr. Beverly Smallwood It is a book about ordinary people with one thing in common -- they all had to deal with a traumatic event which turned their lives upside down.

Has life dealt you something you were not expecting?

Life dealt them a severe blow which they never imagined would happen to them, and as a result, it left them questioning their beliefs, their values and many of the assumptions they had.

This empowering book is a great source of inspiration and practical advice which you can easily apply to just about every setback or problem you will experience.

Don't forget that life has a funny way of throwing stumbling blocks in your way -- just when you think you have everything under control.

Dr. Bev Smallwood shows how you can overcome tragedy and loss by making ten powerful choices in your recovery process.

As she says: "This book is the result of my lifelong personal and professional search for real answers about how to deal what I call the 'unexpected unthinkable'.

It is my deepest desire that the principles, strategies, and stories I share in these pages will strengthen, encourage, and equip you to rise above what has happened to you and help you rebuild a meaningful life."

One of the main reasons I think this empowering book is an important tool to have in your collection, is because it helps you to prepare yourself, and shows you the steps you need to take to deal with adversity -- whether at work or at home.

But more importantly, if you are presently in middle of an unexpected and unthinkable traumatic event, this empowering book takes you by the hand and helps you to understand how to move forward.

Meet Dr. Smallwood

Bio from her website Dr. Smallwood's website

Dr. Bev Smallwood is a licensed psychologist who, for the past 25 plus years, has been spreading her message of hope to individuals, families, and organizations across the U.S. and around the world.

She’s the Founder and CEO of The Hope Center, a psychological clinic she established in 1984...

Dr. Bev is well-known as a resource to the national media. She’s been interviewed and quoted in such media outlets as MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, Maury Povich, New York Times, USA Today Weekend, Focus on the Family, Chicago Tribune, Cincinnati Enquirer, Self Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Entrepreneur, and numerous major radio stations and networks.

Dr. Bev Smallwood’s impressive personal and professional backgrounds uniquely qualify her as an expert on this topic.Below is a sample of the author’s credentials.

• Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi, as well as extensive post-graduate training in clinical treatment methods, forensic psychology, and organizational interventions;

• Licensed psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with people who have gone through traumatic events of all kinds;

• Disaster mental health worker for the Red Cross after Hurricane, tornadoes, home burnings, and other devastating events;

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