Put Down Your Swords And Fight For God And His Son

by Sharon K Williams
(Tampa, Fl. U.S.A.)

Precious Lord, it's been a long hard road; of struggling to get from a life of abuse, and, being used by men who wanted to use me,

to putting up a fight against a world, so wrapped up in their own petty thoughts.

So many people out there not knowing where to turn; or what to do from one minute to the next,

that they find themselves wondering who to talk to so, they go to God's House and they soon find that this is who they should have turned to so many years before.

Jesus is the answer, it's so plain to see;

not many people realize it until it's too late, how could they have ignored the signs,

when it was there in front of them all along.

If you ask of him, it shall be answered; if you pray to him, all your prayers and your pain will suddenly be answered and your pain will be gone.

He is the answer,all you have to do is ask.

When the apostles asked Jesus a question; he gave them the answer they were looking for.

He performed miracles before their eyes that only God could have made possible, He rose people from the dead when no one else could have.

Jesus is the true man of God; He does as his Father asks of him, He obeys His Father's every command He preaches His Father's word. And tells people of His Father's love.

Yes, Jesus is truly the answer; to all of our prayers, He's truly the answer for everything.

Did he die on the cross to save us? Yes, He did, and He has did a lot more than just sacrificed himself for us.

He died to give us everlasting life; He took away all of our sins, that's why we, as a nation, need to respect Him and, give Him the honor and the Glory that He deserves to have.

We all need to put down our swords; and scream at the top of our lungs,that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and, follow Him with our whole hearts.

We need to give ourselves fully to him and put down our weapons and look to Jesus for all the answers.

These battles we are fighting are useless; and, for what reason, to take another ones life?

What does that prove, that we are all a bunch of animals, out to slaughter innocent lives? Is that what Jesus wants us to do?

No, that's what Satan wants us to do.

Don't let Satan win this war; Jesus is our God and He reigns.

Is He not the master of the universe? Is His Father the ruler over everyone?

This is God's world, so let's take it back from Satan,and give it back to God.

God is the peacemaker of all the Heavens.

Sharon K Williams 03/09/2013

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