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September 15, 2009

Action Is More Than A Word

For the last couple of days we have been talking about taking action

Today I want to review and repeat {good things need repeating} some of the empowering points we have covered.

As always we will keep things simple.

OK here we go.

Let’s repeat some of the results that taking empowering action will produce.

1. Taking action directly addresses your procrastination.

2. Taking action will help you overcome your fear.

3. Taking action will push you in the direction of your goal.

4. Taking action creates momentum, which in turn builds your confidence.

5. Taking action is a must do step thru – out your journey.

Note- Good things need repeating, until they become good habits.

Before you take your action --- fill your mind with positive influences --- [good books, good music, good movies, good friends]and make sure your action is taking you in the right direction.

Question ---- What are you doing to prepare yourself? Still in the thinking stage?

Life does not consist in thinking,

it consists in acting.

Quote by Woodrow Wilson, 1912

It is time to move {take empowering action}.

Do not reinvent the wheel ---- learn from what others have done.

Think about what we have discussed today --------- But more importantly act --- take some action – remember that “action” is more than a word.

Until tomorrow, stay motivated & keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


Work your body and your mind.

Make sure your finances work for you.


September 16, 2009

Lack Of Action, What Is Holding You Back?

Let’s continue our discussion on action and let us look at some barriers that you may need to overcome.

Note. Good things need to be repeated until they become habits. I want you to write this down & put it in a place where you will see it often.

Why? The empowering steps that you are taking need to sink down into your subconscious until they become automatic for you.

We will continue to repeat until it becomes second nature and of course we will keep it simple.

And remember this same principle applies to your employees, your team, your roommates, and your family.

Good (positive, inspiring, motivating) habits must replace bad (negative) habits.

How do you identify those bad habits? Just follow the steps below.

Pay really close attention to:

Your thought process --- is it positive or is it negative? [What types of thoughts linger in your mind?]

Your words --- what type of words are you using? Positive or negative? Do they empower you or deflate you?

Your actions ------ what are you doing? ---- Reacting or taking action that is moving you towards your goal?

What you hope to accomplish by this self-examination is to get a true picture of where you are ---- where you are going.

Note If you cannot identify your bad habits, than ask a good friend for their observations Ask them to tell you the words (or phrases) you use most often.

You have to work on those bad habits that keep coming back to sabotage your progress.

Remember that habits are things you do without thinking about them.

If you are not aware of these bad habits, almost any action you take will be diminished or worst be counter to your goals.

Please stop & think about this for a moment and take note; your lack of action, what is holding you back?

I have a great short video that talks about change.

It was created for people who oversee other people or teams within an organization, but the lessons taught apply to anyone that wants to change their life and wants to take constructive action.


Remember the importance of the total package --- your thoughts, your words, your actions, how together they work to either push you forward, or hold you back.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


Food for thought


September 17, 2009

Action, The Art Of Doing

Action requires more than thinking; it requires movement, it requires you to do.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Good things need to be repeated.

You see many people have great intentions Butthey keep putting things off. Somehow something always seems to get in the way, stopping them or detouring them from taking empowering action towards their goal.

Is that person you?

Let’s face it, if you want to reach your goal then you have to take action that will get you there.

Just thinking and good intentions are not enough.

It’s all about you, you have decided you need to change now put your foot forward and take that step.

The following quote summarizes my point.

There are those of us who are always about to live.

We are waiting until things change,

until there is more time, until we are less tired,

until we get a promotion, until we settle down

-- until, until, until.

It always seems as if there is some major event

that must occur in our lives before we begin living.

quote by George Sheehan

There it is in a nutshell. Are you still thinking? Does this quote describe you?

Trying to get everything just right? Or is it procrastination, fear, laziness?

If you have been following my Blogs, you will know by now that I have been recommending small empowering steps to get you started.

Baby steps, if you will. This way you gradually overcome your fears.

Small action steps build up your confidence and provide small measures of success as you move forward.

BUT You will note that I always ask you to keep walking.

It is important to keep the momentum going in a positive direction.

One other word, when you head out on a journey make sure you prepare yourself with the right motivating tools & equipment.

If you cannot buy your own books, use the library BUT get your inspiring & motivating books.

Half – Stepping just slows you down.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


September 18, 2009

Determine Your Path Wisely

You get to choose your path, by taking action or by doing nothing. Either way you get to choose your path, and the choice you make is pretty well determined by how you feel(your state of being).

The sun is shining, no clouds in sight, but no matter the weather I can choose how I feel and which way I go, you have the same options.

Hope that by now you understand the tremendous impact that your point of view has on your life.

Your point of view (which can either empower you or stop you) is simply how you choose to interpret everything that is taking place around you.

You control your state of being No one else does! So do not blame others for how you feel.

Please go back and re-read our blog archives if you need any clarification on what I am speaking of.

And how you feel or your state of being pretty much determines what you will do or what action (path) you will take.

Note I continue to repeat these things because they are all connected. It is like the “domino effect” --- one item will cause another to react.

Stop here a moment. It is important that you let these words sink into your sub-conscious. You decide how the circumstances surrounding you will impact you.

You can use them to bolster your determination(inspire you), or you can let them steer you in the wrong direction(take away your motivation).

So no matter your surroundings, no matter the natural elements in which you find yourself in, no matter the financial condition of your life ----- you get to choose how you see it & how you react to it.

You get to choose your path.

However, change only comes about when you decide it is time to change and take deliberate empowering action towards that goal.

Therefore, it is not the situation {or circumstances you are in} that determines your outcome --------- but rather your determination to change it.

Your determination is shaped by

Your viewpoint {focus}

Your decision to make a change

Your action{s} to accomplish that change

See, each step affects the other and ultimately affects your outcome.

Note Some people will seek to help and motivate you on your journey, but others will seek to discourage you. Choose wisely what you allow yourself to listen to.

Let us revisit the parable of the pencil:

Your homework for this weekend is to take a good honest look at yourself and decide if you are doing all you should be doing to change your situation.

Then decide what you will do about it & take action towards that end, only you can determine your path wisely----- make the right choice; empower yourself.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


Need some tools for your Journey? Get them Below or visit your local library.

Get your tools here

Keep your credit healthy

Have some fun


September 19, 2009

Rest, Have Some Fun

Rest has to be a part of overall plan. We have spent this past week discussing taking empowering action and its importance in helping you reach your goals.

Today we’ll talk a little about the importance of rest.

But don’t forget your homework assignment for this weekend; take a good honest look at yourself and decide if you are doing all you should be doing to change your situation.

Now rest means different things to different people. We don’t want to complicate the issue with various definitions of “rest”.

So as usual we will keep it simple. Rest means doing something that is enjoyable & gives you peace.

Therefore, it may mean reading a good book, seeing a good movie, going for a nice walk, talking with someone you enjoy being with or of course taking a nap.

Whatever it is that gives you rest make sure that you include it often in your life.

Your mind & body need time to readjust, re-energize, to de– stress from the everyday nuances of life.

Rest will help you to concentrate better, work more productively, and make you a lot more fun to be around.

Laughter Movie

Rest, smile & laugh a lot today, tomorrow we continue our journey.

Enjoy the following video, relax as it changes your focus and inspires you ---- ---- here goes.

Hope you are rested or at least you had a little fun ----

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


PS. Do whatever gives you rest, fishing, exercising, reading, shopping, take your pick


September 20, 2009

Laugh, Relax And Re-energize Yourself

The ability to laugh is a great source of empowerment. When life gets hectic---take time out relax and laugh.

Put a smile on your face, find something enjoyable to do today, re-energize your mind & body, everyone needs to rest.

Once you have rested please remember to finish this weekend’s homework; take a good honest look at yourself and decide if you are doing all you should be doing to change your situation.

Allow me to put a smile on your face with a few words from Rodney Dangerfield.

”I went to see my doctor.

Doctor, every morning when I get up and look in the mirror...

I feel like throwing up; what’s wrong with me?

He said... I don't know but your eyesight is perfect.”

**************************************** *******************

“My psychiatrist told me I'm going crazy.

I told him .... If you don't mind I'd like a second opinion.

He said .... Alright.... you're ugly too!”

Ok you have a smile, now find something else that will keep you in that “state” all day long, then this evening do your homework.

Note Make it a habit to smile, you will find that smiling empowers you and it gives you the opportunity to share with others the reason why you are smiling. Talk about your goals and your new direction.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


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September 21, 2009

The Incredible Power of Words

Last month we spent a week discussing the power and impact of words in our lives.

I’ve received many requests to revisit and expand on this topic, so for the next couple of days I want to discuss with you the incredible power of words and their influence on your life.

We previously discussed that words can cause us: pain, anguish, anger, pleasure, peace, happiness, they can empower, motivate and inspire us or they can deflate us.

Let’s stop here for a moment. I want you to recall a moment when words either inspired/motivated you, or a time when they deflated/depressed you.

What you will notice is that in either case, your body relives the event. Your thoughts trigger emotions, physical feelings, and bodily changes that you experience as if the event were happening in the present.

In other words, the power of words (your thoughts) are real.

As you work on your self-improvement insure that you keep this lesson at the forefront of you list ---

--- the incredible power of words is in your hands, control how you use that power.

OK then, let us start with you & how your words affect you.

Words come in two (2) forms* ---- they can either be thoughts or they can be spoken.

*Note Words in the written form will be discussed separately, on another day.

Let’s talk about the first; Your thoughts

This is where it all beings, and it happens so quickly that often we find our mind racing with a certain scenario --- until we put the brakes on.

This is especially true when we get angry ---- our mind will start processing different “what if scenarios.”

You will notice that your whole being is pulled into this process, your pulse will quicken, your body will get tense, your speech will usually quicken,

in other words you are experiencing your thoughts are if they were actually happening in the present.

I did not say as if your thoughts are real because for your body ----- they are real

Note -- You now can understand the incredible power that words (in whatever form they are) can have on you & if spoken on others.

Lesson one ------ control what goes in & out of your mind.

2. Lesson Two ----- control what comes out of your mouth

Today we will concentrate on Lesson #1.

This is a very large lesson to absorb and more importantly it is hard to practice. It takes a lot of work and patience to do this.

A person’s thoughts have a way of just taking off on their own --- your job from now on is to immediately stop the run-away process & control what goes in & come out of your mind.

Your goal is to use words that empower you, words that motivate you, words that inspire you, words that help you in your journey of self improvement.

Let’s start the process of taking control by looking at your environment.

So what are you feeding your mind What do you read? What do you watch? What do you listen to?

What do you see when you look around your daily surroundings? In your Home? At your job? In your car?

Make a really good assessment, because what happens is that you become so used to seeing or hearing things that you no longer pay attention -----

---- and yet those very things are there going into your sub-conscious mind ---- feeding it.

Think about what we have discussed today, because once you understand how your environment affects your life (your thoughts, your words), you will be better prepared to change and control what is going into your mind.

And what goes into your mind will >> nourish your thoughts which will >>create the words >>that will either inspire, motivate and empower you or deflate you.

We will continue with more on this topic tomorrow.

Something else to think about.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big



September 22, 2009

The Power Of Words & Your Subconscious Mind

For the next couple of days we will continue discussing the power of words.

Yesterday we started by focusing on your thought process and how that determines that outcome of your words.

Let’s talk a little more about that, especially the part you don’t usually think about, the power of words & your subconscious mind.

As usual we are going to keep this very simple, [if you want more detailed info you can go to our book store & search for a book on the subconscious mind.]

Yesterday we discussed what you are feeding your mind? We need to repeat an important point, your subconscious mind is always absorbing information.

So I repeat you must always be aware of (the power of words), & take action to control what goes into your mind.

Now that you know the process, it is up to you to do some censoring to control what your mind absorbs.

How is the question.

By following the steps I outlined yesterday. Start with a good assessment of what your mind is absorbing.

It will take time & a bit of work, but the results will determine whether you move in the right direction {towards your goals by empowering yourself} or continue on the path you are on.

I have found that a good way to feed your mind is by using all of your senses.

Look at your written goals, keep an empowering picture or poster where you can see it every day [preferably the minute you wake up & the last thing you see before going to sleep]

Listen to encouraging tapes, music, videos, associate with other people who have goals & are upbeat.

Carry an empowering book with you, to read during a break, a bus or train ride.

Talk about your goals, give them life. Your thoughts and your words can either give life or death to your goals.

For those of you that read this Blog every day, you will notice the constant repetition of these key steps ----

They need repeating until you no longer think about them, but just do them automatically ( subconsciously).

Athletes will practice their moves over and over again, you need to do the same because it's(which can empower you or stop you). that important.

Do not let frustration get a foothold in your mind. Yes there is a lot to be done, but just start with one thing at a time and then just go to the next.

Use the power of words correctly, to feed your mind with empowering thoughts that inspire & motivate you & propel you towards your goals.

All journeys start with that first step. Take yours

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


There is always more to learn


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