When You Cry

by Sharon K Williams
(Tampa Fl USA)

When you cry, I wonder why? What could possibly upset you so?

Could it be that someone hurt hurt you? Who could be that low?

Did they break your heart? Or did they tear you apart?

When you cry, I will be here, for a shoulder to lean on, I won't use you like a pawn, I will treat you like a person not an animal or a stepping stone.

What is a person for? They are to be loved and not to be shoved. Do not beat, or defeat. Do not use or abuse.

Love like a rose ready to bloom when the bud starts to open, the aroma is so sweet and, so perfect.

How you show your love, if it's bad then, walk away. If it's good, then it's from above.

If your love is strong then, you can do no wrong, if it's weak, then don't speak.

Cause your love will soon break, don't lose the love of your life, that love is real and it's surreal.

03/01/2011 Sharon K Williams

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