"Staying Strong"

by Karen Rice
(Houston, Texas)

“Staying Strong”

I don’t believe there’s anyone in this world
That hasn't gone through some form of a life’s transition,

Where they felt stuck in a rut, with many set-backs,

Where you couldn’t even imagine getting through it;

You will, but you must be strong.

Through all of our abnormalities, We have to learn to never give in or give up.

Don’t allow the multitude of distractions to
Get you off your course of life.

You must have faith and expect greatness.

Around the corner from those same tragedies,
Contrive and turn it into triumph.

When you began drowning in the sea of life,
Thinking that your world is falling apart
And in reality it’s not.

Take a moment,

Place your difficulties aside and think about another, Someone who is worse off than you.

Your problems will become very small in comparison.

If you are ill or living with pain,
Try and look on the bright side of it;

“You are living” and you can still enjoy life.

We all have to face some type of uncertainties,
But what makes you get through them
And become a stronger person?

You must keep repeating to yourself,
“I will get through this”, it shall pass.

When someone hurts you, don’t try and get even,
Always try to be the stronger one,
Forgive and pray for them.

They require the prayer more than you;
Always surround yourself with positive intentions
And a positive attitude.

This will bring forth happiness and kindness,
That alone no matter what,
Will encourage you to carry on.

Then sit back and count on both hands
Your misfortunes,

Then try to do the same with all the good
That has happened in your life,

The good will always come out on top.

Always remember when you are experiencing
The most awful situation that seems impaired,

Have faith, trust and bring forth your strongest attribute, Recite a prayer and surrender it all,

You will be blessed.

In the end,it will all work out, For the Good.

Written by, Karen Rice

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