by Elizabeth Minu Joseph

Hi ,my name is Elizabeth Minu Joseph.. My whole life I always felt that a supreme power guided me.

I loved Jesus and always found happiness in reading the Bible but until recently I never knew what it truly felt to love Jesus.

I was blessed with happiness, a happiness that brought tears to my eyes and smile to my lips. I experienced this happiness, it was something that worldly pleasures and happiness couldn't afford it gave me peace, comfort and joy from my heart.

I joined engineering in 2008. I did study well but from my 2nd semester I couldn't perform well. I got 2 arrears, that was the first time I cried to the Lord and then I tried working hard the next semester but instead of clearing my subjects I doubled my arrears to 4.

I cried day and night to the Lord. My family members started accusing me -- my relatives felt that it was a waste of spending money on me and my mom refused even to speak to me.

I made up my mind and started studying for the next semester but luck was never on my side I again increased my arrears to 6.

I gave up every single ounce of hope I went to the Lord and cried out my heart and I fell asleep that very night I felt God speaking to me. I felt him say that he was with me and that he did always love me and I was the one who never realized his presence and suddenly I did feel myself being consoled by Mother Mary herself.

I woke up with a start.

My dad and mom scolded me to their maximum extent that day. But this time I started working and knew God would help me.

But it was impossible for any student to clear 6 arrears in a single attempt so I prayed to God to help me clear at least 3 of my arrears.

My exams came I did perform quite a few papers well but others were quite tough and finally a month later the results came.

The day before the results came I prayed to God that if this time my arrears increased I had no other option other than ending my life cause I didn't want to be a burden to my family anymore and I would finally come and be with Jesus who loved me and cared for me more than anyone else.

As my friends browsed through the net I was initially hesitant to give my register number to check out my results but then when all of them compelled I finally gave into it and then they announced my result as ALL CLEAR, which means I cleared all my papers along with the arrears.


This never happens cause nobody could ever clear all the papers in a single stretch, my dad initially never believed in my result he then cross checked it to confirm himself.

That day was the day I knew that am always loved and cared by someone who stands by me even when the whole world stands against me.

"Do not be afraid I will save you, I have called you by your name you are mine."


These were the words that strengthened me throughout my journey so do believe in Jesus cause he never leaves even a single of his sheep to get lost.

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