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Jul 8, 2009

On The Road To Change

Welcome back. Yesterday we spoke about step #2 on your road to change.

But before we move on, there is a very important point I need to make.

The road you are on will not always be a straight road.—-There will be obstacles—roadblocks---bumps & detours on your road to change.

The important thing to remember is that you have a roadmap (you wrote down the benefits of you new goals) to get you there.

So---when you hit a bump—-keep going—follow your map -–get back on trackand stay motivated.

I came across a great quote last night that sums up this point very well.


If you are going thru hell---

Keep going.

By Winston Churchill


Step # 3 Set a (reasonable) time---line for you goals.

Why a time---line? So you can measure your progress & make adjustments.

Tomorrow I will discuss a little more on how to deal with these obstacles you will encounter.

Until then---Dare To Dream Big—--

See you tomorrow.



Jul 9, 2009

The Journey Continues

Welcome back,

So far we have outlined 3 steps that you need to take on your journey to change. Let’s recap:

1. Decide you need to change.

2. Write down the benefits you will get & write down your new goals.

3. Set a reasonable time-line for your goal.

We need to stop here for a moment to insure that the foundation on which you are building your change is strong.

Step #4 Today I want you to sit in a quiet place and look at what you have written down.

You are going to fine---tune your roadmap.

Side---note-—-{I find that the local library is a great place to go when you need to think & take notes—you are alone & yet you’re not.}

Do the goals you have listed make sense to you?--- In other words are they realistic to you—--you need to keep it real.

Things to look for:

Are your goals specific?

Can progress be measured?

What changes need to be made to keep you on track?

Side--note -–{making changes & sticking to them is sometimes difficult—keep your mind focused on those things that inspire & empower you.

The library is a great place to find books on people who have made great changes in their life.

Take a book out---carry it with you—--read it during lunch or on your way to & from work.}

Now that you have your road-map in tact it’s time to continue on your journey.

A thousand mile journey start with that first step---just keep walking.

I’ll see you tomorrow---until then

Dare To Dream Big


Jul 10, 2009

Keep Walking

Yesterday we talked about fine tuning your written goals. We said that the goals have to be:

1. Specific

2. Measurable

3. And changes need to be made.

Today we will focus on item #3--—the personal changes --–you have to make in order to continue your journey.

Step #4. For many people this is one of the hardest steps to take. Why?

Very often these changes have become habits---things we do & not even think about.

{Remember --–if you keep doing what you were doing before—-you will keep getting the same results} and that will kill your motivation.

So take inventory

1. Who do you spend time with?

2. Where do you spend your time?

3. How do you spend your time?

4. What do you feed your mind?

You can add to the list as you see fit...The point is you need to be brutally honest on how these factors are impacting your journey.

Are they helping---or--- are they holding you back?

Keep it if it helps you—--get rid of it or change it if it holds you back.

Make a decision and move on.

I’ll see you tomorrow---until then just keep walking >>>>

Dare To Dream Big



Jul 12, 2009

Food for Thought

Welcome back,

Yesterday we continued our discussion about step #4 {making the personal changes necessary to move forward}

And I said that there are two parts to this equation.

Part# 1 is making the change.

Today we’ll talk about the second part---What you are feeding your mind.

NOTE—--if you fill your body with junk---food—--you end up with an unhealthy body---the same rule applies to your mind.

Break the habit of feeding junk to your mind—--no matter where it is coming from.


This is extremely important if not the most important point You have to start nourishing your mind with empowering thoughts.

***Focus on where you need to go (your goals)***


You need to flush out all the negative---self---defeating—-- why me---thoughts---and now focus on---

How you will reach your goals & the benefits to you


You see if you go through all the steps and yet still tell yourself

you can’t---------you won’t---it’s as simple as that.

Don’t make excuses—--that’s the old you.

There is no way to sugar---coat this point. YOU must follow through on this step.

Here are some suggestions, [that have helped me]---to help you quiet & empower your mind.


use the library, skip the morning news, skip the newspaper, look at your goals every morning,

look in the mirror make sure there is a smile on your face (practice),

listen to empowering tapes or a good radio station--- carry an empowering quote or an empowering book with you.


This is not a race----but a journey----one step after the other gets you there.

No it is not easy---but we’re keeping this real--- ---there needs to be a balance----when you head in a new direction---

---often you have to leave the old baggage behind and this includes your old way of thinking.

You can do this---You started--- you deserve it.

I’ll see you tomorrow---until then just keep walking >>>>

Dare To Dream Big


PS--Start right now, click on the link below & listen to any of the healthy songs. It's Your Choice.

Jul 13, 2009

Road To Success

Welcome back,

We have spent the last few days discussing the importance of following through on making the necessary personal changes in order to atsy motivated & reach your new goals.

So let me summarize what we have covered in the last few days: Step #1 Commit to change.

Step #2 Sit down and write the benefits of your decision. Write down what your new goals are & what you will gain.

Step # 3—Set a (reasonable) time-line for you goals.

Step #4 Sit in a quiet place and look at what you have written down. You are going to fine-tune your roadmap.

Make sure goals & time line are realistic----- and that you Make The Necessary Changes

Step #5 Keep going-- Insuring to replace all the previously negative habits with new empowering habits.


NOTE—a short list of things you made need to change

Friends {are they a positive or negative influence?}

Leisure time activities {tv shows-radio shows-reading material-phone time, internet time, bar time, etc}

Foods you eat- {healthy or not?} What you keep your mind focused on—{does it empower or not?}

***Hope you have notice that I have purposely called these steps to be taken***

which means that they may or may not happen in a day or a week.

Each one of you will march to a different drummer—BUT---if you continue to make changes and continue to take steps towards your goals—

You will get there.

As you take one small step after another you will build courage & confidence in your abilities.

Other people just like you have been able to change their lives by committing to change-----by staying motivated------so can you.

I’ll see you tomorrow will more words of encouragement—till then—keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


Want to listen to some great inspirational songs? Then click on the link below. Find a quiet place & enjoy.

click here


Jul 14, 2009

Empowering- Quotations Is About You

Welcome back,

For the past month we have discussed the five (5) Steps to success.

The 5 steps are simple & easy to follow.

We said that some of you would be thrilled to implement them right away, while others would take a little longer.

The IMPORTANT thing is to--start.-----procrastination is your enemy!

Below is a quote for the week.

Print it.

Keep it with you or post it where you can see it daily. It’s all about you---empower yourself.


You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances,

the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.

That is something you have charge of. You don't have charge of the constellations,

but you do have charge of whether you read, develop new skills, and take new classes.

{Quote by Jim Rohn}

See you tomorrow—until then-keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


Stay positive, stay motivated, stay on course.

PS—Let go of the stress—have a laugh with some short funny quotes from Ronney-click below.

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