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You never know how someone else might be motivated by your story

December 8, 2009

Today Is The Day

You have heard the old saying "don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today."

Old sayings have a way of getting right to the point and are a great source of motivation. When you start putting things off, they tend to lose their sense of important and urgency [this equals lost of motivation].

If something is important -- than take care of it now. Is your future important?

Are you putting it off by not taking the proactive {motivating} steps you know you should?


Opportunity is missed by most people because

It is dressed in overall and looks like work.

quote by Thomas Edison


Is it the work it will take that scares you? Is it the time and commitment it will take that scares you? Is it the fear of leaving your comfort zone that scares you?

Or do you believe that another day will not make any difference?

***every single one of these factors affects your empowerment and motivation. ***

Each day, Each hour, each minute, each second of your life that passes is gone forever ---and remember this ---everyone of us is allotted a limited amount of time on this earth ---

Grab your motivation and start your journey.


Life does not consist in thinking,

it consists in acting.

Quote by Woodrow Wilson



If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right,

you'll probably never do much of anything.

Quote by Win Borden


Are you still waiting?

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


PS Have you been blessed? Would you like to share your story with the world? Reach out to others --- you never know what a difference you might make to someone else

Share with us what you use to enhance your motivation and inspiration.


December 9, 2009

Are You Grateful Or Are You A Blamer?

Blamers always look outside of themselves for the cause of their problems. Blamers are quick to point out someone else's faults, but almost never accept the blame.

Blamers consider themselves the victims and not the problem. Blamers love to talk --but hate to listen.

Blamers can point out 100 things someone else is doing wrong. Blamers wrongly believe that they know it all, and don't need advice. Blamers get angry when someone else does well or gets a promotion.

Blamers love to complain and they lack motivation.

Blamers rarely give thanks when someone comes along to rescue them.

So How Do You see Yourself? But moreimportantly----How Do Others See You?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do You find yourself making the same mistakes over and over? Do you find yourself in the same (or similar) situations over and over --{financially, relationships, job situations, family}?

Does the frustration lead you to drink, smoke, hang-out and lament?

Does your situation cause you to point the finger at someone else and direct your anger towards them?

Has this little exercise opened your eyes? If it has, I have good news for you --- you have the power to change and improve your life

Look inwards -- it starts with you -- empower yourself.

Listen to what a well known expert has to say --- if it applies to you --please use it.

You see, Life can be a joyous, rewarding experience if you learn to appreciate all the beauty it has to offer.

You get to decide how you interpret everything that happens to you. You get to decide the path that you take and the way you describe your life events.

Take the time to be grateful --wonderful things will happen.

So make a list of things you are grateful for, look at it daily and add something new every day --- this step start a mind shift from being a blamer to being grateful.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


Fill You Mind With Good Things Good books, good friends, good websites help to motivate and empower you.

December 11, 2009

Be Very Careful Who You Ask For Advice

There is an old saying that my parents constantly reminded me of as a child, which roughly translated states:

"Tell me who {your friends are} you spend your time with, and I'll tell you who you are."

Of course they were trying to explain to me that those you choose to spend time with will influence your decisions.

More importantly, if you spend your time with people who have no ambitions, no goals, or bad habits, the likelihood is that you too will acquire those traits.

Let's fast forward to the present and examine the type of influence your friends are having on you.

It is important that you take inventory on how you are spending your time.

Remember that "time" is a precious and limited resource.

Your friends can either influence you-{motivate you} to spend your time productively, or they can help you to waste it {dis-empower you}.

In your journey to self-improvement you will come to many crossroads where you will have to make tough decisions.

One of the hardest decisions you will have to make is deciding whether or not to change your friends {or limit the time you spend with them}.

Note - Remember what we have often repeated: "if you continue to do what you were doing in the past, you will continue to get the same results."

Make sure that how your friends think and act is in line with the new goals you have established {that they motivate & encourage you}.

Whether you realize it or not --- the words and statements that you constantly hear have a way of sinking deep down into your subconscious mind -- and -- influencing the decisions you make.

Something else to consider -- if you want good advice about goal setting and successfully reaching your goal -- ask someone who has accomplished it or is on their way to accomplishing it

-----Not someone who sits around complaining or going nowhere.

In other words, if your friends are not on a self-improvement journey -- than perhaps you are heading in a different direction and you need to take a different road.

Let me repeat what Jim has said:


Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines,

practiced every day;

while failure is simply a few errors in judgment,

repeated every day.

It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines

and our judgments that leads us to either

fortune or failure.

quote by Jim Rohn


Believe in yourself and your abilities --{motivation + determination =empowerment}

The life you live is based on the choices you make. The sooner that you start to align your choices with the goals you have set, the quicker you will accomplish those goals.

Some choices will be easy, while others will be very hard to make--remember that it is your life and your goals --- you get to decide.

As motivate yourself and move forward towards your goal some people will be happy for you, others will criticize you -- keep in mind the following:


Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

Small people always do that,

but the really great make you feel

that you, too, can become great.

quote by Mark Twain


Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


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December 12, 2009

Learn From Your Mistakes

Are you learning from your mistakes, or do you continue to make them over and over again?

Sit down in a quiet place and review the decisions you have made concerning your relationships, your friends, your jobs, your kids, your direction in life.

Have you had relationships that seem to end up the same? Are the friends you choose providing the motivating & empowering support you need to succeed?

Are you unhappy with your job? Are you having children you cannot afford to provide for? Are you living day-to-day with no plans or a direction?

If you answered yes -- than you have not learned (enough) from your mistakes, because you are repeating them.

The good news is that you can still learn and change {by motivating & empowering yourself}.

Note The minute that you stop and question the decisions you have had in the past, is the minute that you can start to change your life.

This is so because now you are evaluating your pass choices and comparing them to the results you have gotten


This is a positive step in your learning process. Now the question is --will you make the necessary changes to move in a different direction?

Read what a famous person had to say:

All the adversity I've had in my life, All my trouble and obstacles

Have strengthened me.

quote by Walt Disney


Pay close attention to what Mr. Disney said, he learned from his mistakes, he used the experience as a source of strength.

He did not sit around complaining "why me" or pointing fingers -blaming others-- this is what it means to learn from your mistakes-{motivate & empower yourself}.

Thomas Edison, one of the world's greatest inventors, tried and failed thousands of times before he invented the light bulb.

What do you think he had to say about his mistakes?


"I have not failed.

I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work"


Success is a matter of continuing to seek to improve your mind, your body, your skills and taking action.

It is not about complaining and continuing to do the same things. The question is How do you start?

The answer is ---that the minute you asked the question -- you have started. Listen to these words of encouragement, then make the tough decisions you know you need to make.

Next find something that gives you encouragement-motivation & empowerment-(a web site, a book, a quote, a friend, a teacher, etc) and fill your mind with empowerment.

Make a plan (set goals) and take you next step. One step after the other will get you there.

***Always focus on your goals --- never on the problems

An important lesson to remember-- everybody has problems and makes mistakes, -- successful people use what they learn from their mistakes to move forward---- unsuccessful people stay focused on the mistake.

Some clues to look for:

Successful people --talk about solutions, plan other approaches, stay optimistic, believe they can accomplish their goal, model other people who have succeeded, accept responsibility.

unsuccessful people--talk about the problem, get depressed, blame others, do not believe that they can overcome the obstacles, do not accept responsibility.

I hope that this exercise has helped you to identify what you need to do to deal with mistakes, and setbacks, and put you in a frame of mind --- that you can overcome any difficulty that crosses your path.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


December 15, 2009

If You Fail To Plan --You Plan To Fail

As the new year approaches many people will start thinking about "New Year Resolutions" -- or {motivating & empowering} changes they would like to make in their lives.

However, for many, by mid January those "resolutions" are somehow forgotten - along with a lost of motivation.

What about you?

How can you insure that what you plan to do -will actually happen? The best way is to be committed and have a plan in place that guides you and explains to you the steps you need to take (and why they are important)--

Let me help you prepare you for the journey ahead.

Back in July I posted on this web site a Five Step Action Plan to guide you in reaching your goals. But here is the important thing you have to remember; You need to do a little everyday in order to stay committed.

Life has a way of pulling you in different directions and before you know it you lose your way (you start putting off things you know need to be done)

Below I am re-posting that article on the Five Step Action Plan -- BUT what I suggest you do is to go back and read all the blogs from July on.


Because I break down the 5 steps and explain how both internal and external factors influence your decisions [your motivation] and ultimately your results [actions you take].

So prepare & motivate yourself now --when the New Year starts, you will be ready for your journey feeling empowered and motivated.

Below is the re-post of the Five Step Action Plan


We have spent the last few days discussing the importance of following through on making the necessary personal changes in order to reach your new goals.

So let me summarize what we have covered in the last few days:

Step #1 Commit to change.

Step #2 Sit down and write the benefits of your decision. Write down what your new goals are & what you will gain.

Step # 3—Set a (reasonable) time-line for you goals.

Step #4 Sit in a quiet place and look at what you have written down. You are going to fine-tune your road map. Make sure goals & time line are realistic----- and that you Make The Necessary Changes

Step #5 Keep going-- Insuring to replace all the previously negative habits with new empowering habits.


NOTE—a short list of things you may need to change to stay empowered and motivated--

Friends {are they a positive or negative influence?}

Leisure time activities {TV shows-radio shows-reading material-phone time, internet time, bar time, etc}

Foods you eat- {healthy or not?

What you keep your mind focused on—{does it empower or not?}

***Hope you have notice that I have purposely called these steps to be taken***

which means that they may or may not happen in a day or a week.

Each one of you will march to a different drummer—BUT---if you continue to make changes and continue to take steps towards your goals—

You will get there.

As you take one small step after another you will build courage {motivate & empower Yourself} & confidence in your abilities.

Other people just like you have been able to change their lives by committing to change---------------so can you.

I’ll see you tomorrow will more motivating words of encouragement and motivation —till then—keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


Remember -- "motivation without action = the same old results"

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