Jesus the Healer

by Carmelo Consunji

I've had painful lower spine spondylitis/painful bone condition , and painful calcification on both elbows and knees too.

I prayed so hard for a week to Jesus and God the Father to heal me. And with that I have taken my medications too.

After a week I went to see my doctor who had diagnosed me with such conditions.

I was surprised to hear him say that what I had was just minor ailments and there is no need to worry!

He spoke as if he already knew that my pain was almost gone without even checking me!

I have not been a good christian for almost all my life. Never pray regularly as I should.

But this instance/miracle with my health and life has brought me tears of joy and hope that someone loves me so much.

If I look back to my past, and the so called life I have lived, I could say that It was a miracle that I am still alive and well.

I have sinned so much in my younger years, and have so much regrets along the way.

But someone was always there to show me the way out of troubles, and show me where to go, which job to take, and it was like someone was directing me to where I should be.

I consider myself lucky and blessed!

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