Inspirational Songs Empower Us When We Are Down

Inspirational songs have what seems like a magical power of being able to lift us up when we are down.

There are different types of inspirational songs such as – religious, sports themed, national anthems, popular, and many others.

What they all have in common is that they help move us to a higher level.

So in addition to reading inspiring quotes, and taking that all important "first step"---

--our human hearts & souls also need to hear music, and words of encouragement in the form of a song.

Sit back close your eyes and listen to the beautiful and inspiring words of

“You raise Me Up”.

slow down-get in touch with nature

I hope that now that you are back your spirits have been lifted to a high level.

Another thing we should do is to learn to relax, smile and enjoy life a little more.

Too often we take the small everyday things for granted.

Stop—take a deep breath---you can find beauty in all of God’s creations –--

--if you just slow down a bit & look more closely.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.---Relax and enjoy—that in turn will empower you.

Click here for another inspiring song--remember be patient--it takes a minute to load

There are times when we need to look up towards heaven and connect with our God.

There are many inspiring songs that help us to make that connection.

One of my favorites is “Amazing Grace”…quiet your mind, relax your body, forget your aches and reach up………

God will always listen when you call out his name --

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It seems that sometimes no matter how hard we try--

--people dismiss us or laugh at us because of the way we look.

Most people are familiar with television shows that audition singers for various awards or contracts.

One such show in England called “Britain's Got Talent” really touched a lot of people when a 47 years unemployed woman named Susan Boyle showed up --and spoke about her dream


One final video on this inspirational song page for you to think about.

I hope that these few songs have given you a new sense of empowerment--- If you have any favorite songs or videos or any material you would like to share with us, please click here.....

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