"God Sent Me"

by Joseph James Walker
(Mount Dora, Fla, USA)

Almost 21 years ago I applied for a job and was offered a position after the interview.

I became fearful because of several factors. I would have to quit or reduce the hours on a job I had for almost 20 years. The new job would be a 67 mile round trip each day, my current job was 12 miles round trip. I would also be out of my comfort zone working in a new environment with new people.

My working career this far had been based on my physical ability and my drive to never let anyone out work me.
I couldn't see what God had in store for me, my mine was focused on what I could do. Even though I was a young Christian I remembered; I have a God I can go to and ask for guidance.

I Prayed and fasted seeking a answer from God. God answered me in my spirit, He said go. Even though God said go I kept my old job working it on the weekend and after work for several hours each day.

My new job was a entry level position. The first day a got there I worked harder than all of my coworkers I was a one man machine, no task was too big I was there to work.

Before my probation was up they offered me a high position. As I remember this time it brings tears to my eyes because of how good God has been to me. I was on my way to the top of a mountain I could never dream of climbing.

A year later I was offered position as a foreman, for the first time I was going to be responsible for other people. God was opening doors. Less than a year late I was offered a supervisor position, God was moving me up that mountain. A year later I was offered a Manager position.

The young man who was afraid to set out on faith was on his way to a place where only God could take him. My journey has had obstacles that only God could move. The first being my faith.

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