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Life does not consist in thinking,

it consists in acting.

Quote by Woodrow Wilson, 1912


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He who knows others is learned;

He who knows himself is wise. Quote by Lao-tzu


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October 1, 2009

Using Your Sense Of Taste To Reach Your Goals

Today we will discussusing your sense of taste to reach your goal. Now let's try to make this fun as you empower yourself.

Note Learn to associate each sense with your goals, and then incorporate all of them together to create a powerful mechanism to move you forward.

Do you remember your first love? Or your first puppy love? Does a smile come across your face?

You see you've associated good feelings with that experience.

That's what you need to do with your goals.

Now there are several methods that you can use when associating your sense of taste to help you reach your goals.

You can think of & visualize your goals while eating your favorite meal. Or what I suggest is to choose a food, beverage or snack that you eat daily.

I find that this works better because it will be repeated more often. And what do I constantly say?

Good things need to be repeated until they become second nature to us.

So as you eat that bagel, drink that water/coffee/tea, chew that gum or nibble on your cracker --- focus on your goals.

Your goals need to become more than just some words written on a piece of paper(they need to motivate and empower you).

Your goals need to take on a life of their own.

Your goals need to become vivid in your mind, bringing a smile to your lips when you think about them.

Your goals have to bring excitement and empowerment to you when you think of them.

You need to wake up & go to sleep visualizing you heading towards your goals.

It's like being a teenager again, and falling in love; your goals are all you think about.

You need to develop a sense of passionfor your goals. You need to talk about them often.

Note By openly talking about you goals you accomplish two things, first you are using your sense of speech & your sense of hearing.

Second, you are openly declaring your goals for the world to see. By openly declaring your goals, you force yourself (this is an empowering step) to take action in order to be true to your word.

Remember --- you have to stop thinking & you have to start doing.

OK now that we got that out of the way how about a little entertainment?

You will find that we you are feeling good it is much easier to learn, and to retain what you learn.

So when you do these exercises that we have been talking about ---- get in a good mood first. Make it fun & everything will be much easier.

Laughter Movie

Please don't over think what we have been discussing, just keep it simple and you will find that time will pass very quickly.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


Have some fun.

Take care of your finances.

Read a good book


October 2, 2009

Using Your Sense Of Touch To Reach Your Goals

Today we will discuss our final sense, using your sense of touch to reach your goal.

As is our custom, we are going to keep it simple.

You are probably already incorporating this sense in your journey towards your goals, but you may not be fully aware of it.

Make sure that your goals are written on paper, in a book or in a journal; something that you can physically handle.

You can also be creative and frame & hang your goals on the wall. Do whatever works for you.

Your last step is to touch, pick up or handle your goals as you think about them, as you read them out loud, as you get on that bus or train.

Repetition is the name of the game. Keep your goals fresh in your mind. Remind yourself at every opportunity where it is you are heading.

You will notice that as you apply these simple steps, the decisions you make will be in line with your goals.

And that my friends is the all important turning point in your life.

Now that you have the last step in this 5 step process, practice using all your senses together to propel you towards your goal.

Become that teenager again in love for the first time who wakes up & goes to sleep with his first love on his mind.

It is really amazing how your mind will go into "overdrive" seeking solutions to obstacles, when your FOCUS is on your goals.

Because that is exactly what you are doing when you use this 5 step process of using all your senses to reach your goals; you are focusing a laser sharp beam on where you need to go.

Once you know where you need to go & you can see clearly --- your journey gets a lot easier.

Now the only question that remains to be answered is ----------- Are you going to follow thru and use this or not? It is up to you.

Just remember that all these small steps that we have been discussing, are the building blocks that will prepare you for your journey.

Your journey is to head towards your goals (by empowering yourself); and that requires action.

Here is a little something to think about.

Good things need repeating -- please watch and listen again as Anthony makes his point on focus.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


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October 3, 2009

Life Is About Living

We have covered a lot of material over the past week, and I would like for you to spend the weekend digesting what we discussed.

Every day of your life your senses pick up information which you have to decide how to use, or not use.

The important thing to remember is to move from the thinking stage to the action stage, that is how you empower yourself.

The following quote does a great job of capturing the essence of these words.


Life does not consist in thinking,

it consists in acting.

quote by Woodrow Wilson, 1912


That is what living is all about taking action, doing, moving, going , heading towards your dream.

You have thought about it long enough, now break the bonds that are holding you back --- and act!

It is like walking once you get up the steps follow. BUT YOU HAVE TO GET UP.

Nothing will change for you if you continue to think but not act.

Look around if others can do it so can you just take that first step.

Do the exercise we discussed this past week, and you will see amazing things begin to happen. Get motivated and grab your personal power.

You see once you set goals -- you will never feel lost again -- because you know the direction you have to take, you have empowered yourself.

One step after the other will get you there.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare to Dream Big



October 4, 2009


Are you wishing things were different? Are you still thinking about something you could have done differently?

Are you trying to figure how what to do -- how to empower yourself ?Well, here is the answer.


You must take personal responsibility.

You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind,

but you can change yourself.

That is something you have charge of.

You don't have charge of the constellations,

but you do have charge of whether you read,

develop new skills, and take new classes.

quote by Jim Rohn


Jim Rohn, is right, so stop making excuses; you are in control of your future. The past is DONE --that cannot be changed -- but your future can be changed.

Just take that first small step and change your direction.

The laws of physics state that: "an object in motion, will stay in motion." So once you start, it will get easier to continue.

Let's stop for a moment and let us think about greater things.Everywhere you look you will see the hand of God.

Look up towards the heavens, look down at the smallest thing you can see, smell the air, listen to the wind; God is there.

You need to quiet your mind. Replace .. worrying..with hope. Replace ..negativity.. with faith.

Don't fill up your mind with what you consider failures..but rather..fill your mind will possibilities.

Whether you think you can accomplish something or not.....you are right.

SOoooo.....choose to think you can,

and then ask yourself ..how do I start¡­.You have just taken that very important 1st step.

You see personal power or the art of empowering yourself comes from taking action.

Good things need to be repeated-please watch, listen and take action.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


Fill your mind with positive thoughts (this is another empowering step), if you cannot buy a book, visit your library.


October 5, 2009

How Can I Change My Life???

Your desire to change must be greater than your fear of change.

You see, people often will not change because they are afraid of what it takes to change.

They imagine themselves struggling with new ways of doing things, they imagine themselves leaving the familiar --their comfort zone and that fear stops them from moving forward.


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself ----

nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror

which paralyzes needed efforts to

convert retreat into advance¡­

quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt


Fear has a way of staying alive in your mind. Like a video, you keep playing it over and over in your mind¡­

Remember that what you focus on (what you think about) will be your reality.

--- FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT --- Let me repeat ----FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT - (another empowering step) fill your mind with what you can do ---- this small step will put you on the path to change.

Do not continue to think about your "mistakes" -- rather think about your new direction.

By switching your focus your energy is re-direction towards your goals.

You can do it---empower yourself.

How can you change your life? Make the decision to change--take action to move in the new direction.

Learn from others.Keep learning--stay focused on your new direction

Tomorrow we will continue with more advice and tools that you can use to help you on your journey.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big



October 6, 2009

Yesterday, Today &Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow are three very important words in your life.

How you view them can make all the difference in the world. On closer examination we realize that all three are under your control-- today & tomorrow are yet to be created or are in the process of being created.

1. Yesterday is gone,forever living only in our memories it cannot be changed.

2. Today is the most important because it will affect all three. It will become your past and will create your future.

3. Tomorrow is created by your to-days your future awaits you.

So what is the point? It's simple.

YOU have the power to change your tomorrow & your yesterday --- based on what you do today.

Will you continue to complain - or - will you empower yourself & take control of your life?

It's really that simple.

If you continue to focus on the past, you will continue to experience and relive the pain of failure

You must decide right now that you will no longer live in the past.

Start to focus on where you are now and where you need to go (this is an empowering step)

Now write down your new goals and commit to them.

This simple step will put the power in your hands. From now on you will decide your direction.

Learning to Dance In The Rain Movie

Remember there are people who will try to convince you that your goal can not be reached, that it is too hard, that you will not endure.

Do not be discouraged, they do no see what you see, or feel what you feel. they do not understand your determination.

Just remember that you must be prepared to decide who you allow to influence you. (another empowering step)


Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

Small people always do that,

but the really great make you feel

that you, too, can become great.

quote by Mark Twain


Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big


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October 7, 2009

What If, What If, What If ?

This is a question we can apply to many things in our life, and it is a question we often ask ourselves.

What if I could change the past? What if I could do this or that? --- What if I could etc-etc-etc.

Well there is something you have the power to change--YOUR FUTURE.

How??? By changing your mindset what {& how} you think about often). Change your idea of what is possible and you start to change your future.

Yesterday we spoke about focus. Let's try to understand exactly what we mean by focus and how that impacts your life.

Have you ever found yourself thinking and rethinking some event that has occurred in your life?

Did you find yourself reliving the moment, and experiencing the emotions you felt back then?

Sometimes that event is one that makes you angry, other times it may be one that makes you afraid, or sad, worried or unsure.

The point here is that you keep thinking (focusing) on the point in time.

Usually when you do this, your mind will start to ask the question what if? What if I had said this --- what if I had done this -- what if I had said nothing at all.

Your mind is trying to find a scenario in which the event has a happy ending for you.

In nearly all the cases, nothing is resolved, nothing changes, you continue with your life while continuing to re-visit this scenario over and over again.

Here is the point I am trying to make.

The past is gone, it cannot be changed ---- shift your focus to the present and take a step towards your future

Now you have moved from the "what if state" to the action state (heading towards a goal)


Don't let the fear of the time it will

take to accomplish something

stand in the way of you doing it.

The time will pass anyway;

we might just as well

put that passing time to the best possible use.

quote by Earl Nightingale


Note Remember that as long as you are trying to change, to improve, to learn, you are not a failure.

All the famous people we read about have had setbacks (what some call failures) but they got up and kept trying.

You have the ability to do the same, just change your focus to what is possible -- you will be surprised how far you can go.

Until tomorrow, keep walking

Dare To Dream Big




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